15 April 2013

The inevitable Thatcherite edition...

We couldn't escape it.  After a week off, the For A' That podcast is back, and like the rest of the political sphere, we couldn't resist chewing over the legacy, character and politics of the recently defunct Margaret Thatcher.

What to make of the week's reaction - positive and negative - in the press? From a Scottish angle, does Scotland, with its now reflexive rejection of the Lady and Her Party, remember or misremember the Blessed Margaret and the charm she exercised on our fellow citizens between 1979 and 1990? Contemporarily, does this anti-Thatcher sentiment really reflect a Scottish social democratic consensus, or is it a comfortable, self-serving and ultimately conservative nostrum? What to make of the fact that Churchill warranted 45 minutes of tributes in the House of Commons, while last week's comments on Thatcher ran over six hours. Have we become gey sentimental?

We also discussed the stramash around National Collective, and its legal difficulty under the law of defamation.  Download the latest edition of the show here, or listen to the conversation via iTunes.  You can also subscribe to our RSS feed, so you can be sure you won't miss any of our broadcasts.


  1. All that adoration for a dead woman,well it seems to me to add a bit of proof that there is NO LABOUR party or CONSERVATIVE party nor LIB-DEMS,there is only one party and its the WESTMINSTER PARTY.It just uses different names depending on what it wants to do.