21 April 2013

Labouring the Truth...

We're fair ratcheting them up.  Today, we bring you episode number 22 of the For A' That podcast. For our topic, we took the Scottish Labour, which is just rolling up its party conference in Eden Court this weekend up in Inverness. Our guests this week are New Statesman contributor James Maxwell and Huffington Post blogger and Labour Party member, Andrew Smith.

We took a wide corbie's eye survey of the People's Party's current situation in Scotland's constitutional and devolved politics. Up for debate in particular, Labour's devolution commission proposals to devolve income tax, and its fall out among the devo-sceptical tribunes galumphing at Westminster. Is the party's vagueness and infighting on its own position on the constitutional position putting the Better Together campaign at risk? The party also gingered up its social media strategy this week, by launching a "2014 Truth Team" attack ad online, which hopes to give Salmond a fatal prod in the political vitals.  A development with an Orwellian tone, or just the ordinary rough and tumble of party politics?

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