3 February 2013

... it's comin' yet For A' That.

A bit of a change of plan this weekend. Due to a constellation of personal circumstances, Michael and I weren't able congregate in our plush recording studio this week to record our now traditional Sunday podcast (there are twelve back episodes in the archive, which also includes Michael's Scottish independence podcasts, which are more like interviews than a back and forth blether).  

If you've not yet lent them your lugs, I commend them to you. We've had some really interesting folk on thus far, talking about everything from Scottish politics' curious Scandomania (much exhibited in today's Borgenfest over at the Scotland on Sunday to Scottish Labour's political future, and guests like Al Jazeera's Osama Saaed and Alex Massie and Robin McAlpine.

Looking into the future, we think that it might be a grand plot to make the episodes more thematic, assembling guests who we don't usually hear from through our public media, whose thoughts and insights might be of more general interest. Last year we had a more culturally inflected episode, a whole knot of issues which I know we're going to come back to before long. 

So, over to you. What are the blazing, important topics you feel the current debate on independence is neglecting, that ought to be covered? Do let us know.  All inspiration, gratefully received. Hopefully we'll be back, broadcasting full throated, by next weekend.

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