18 February 2013

History as tragedy and farce...

There was something historical in the air in this week's For A' That podcast.  For the fourteenth episode of the show, Michael and I were joined by Craig Gallagher, who through the wonders of technology, was beamed all the way from Boston, Massachusetts into our palatial recording studio. Craig, formerly of this parish, is now a doctoral student in history at Boston College.  

On this week's show, does history matter all that much in the independence debate? Are Scots folk with lively historical consciousnesses, or are we alternatively, by dint of our educations, often left essentially clueless about about Scottish history beyond a few selective set-pieces? On a more contemporary note, why did the reference this week to Scotland being "extinguished" in international law in 1707 get several nationalists so hopping mad? 

Also on a contemporary theme, this week's Ipsos-MORI independence poll was chock full of interesting data for the political obsessive to gnaw through. We picked up just a couple of morsels. Is 2013 "Year of the Sturgeon", with Nicola's rising prominence in the Yes campaign and popularity in the country? The big splash from the Ipsos poll was the 58% of 18 - 24 year olds which supported independence. Even if one thinks this finding may be a bit overstated, we also had a blether about why Scotland's callow youth vote might diverge from the constitutional sensibilities of our more grizzled, more independence-skeptical compatriots.

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