4 April 2010

Rounding up a week for holy fools..

For those of you who may have missed it, it was my great pleasure to compose this Easter weekend's Scottish Roundup of the last past seven day's worth of literary effort, political comment and otherwise scribbled opinion produced by Scottish bloggers. Hopefully I've done justice to the full wealth of material out there - I certainly tried my best. Any conspicuous absences, gaps or otherwise blameworthy lacunae are entirely attributable to the limited digital frontiers of yours truly. Plenty of interesting material there for your perusal. April Fools gags - Chris Grayling's attitude towards the justness of excluding homosexual couples from beds and breakfasts - to the the weeping sore that is Glasgow City Council and Steven Purcell - who increasingly appears to have been a growth whose excision has not restored that limb of Scotland's body politick to full health and probity. If that is enough to tempt your appetite - which is no doubt weak if your sugar groans tell of that whole Cadbury's Easter egg you devoured this morning - the whole roundup may be devoured here.

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