7 April 2010

Blog goblins: an explanation

As those of you who visit me here regularly will indubitably have noticed, in the early evening of yesterday, ominous digital portents began to appear around Lallands Peat Worrier. These shrill red warning signs suggested that I might be up to no good, mantrapping my prose and otherwise using this blog to slyly peddle malicious software advertising phallic engorgers (manual and chemical) and whatnot. I'm pleased to report that the issue is now fixed, Google having inspected me, and being satisfied by the probity of my script, has ceased its persecutions.

In the interests of transparency, the issue arose from my inclusion of an estimable English lawyer's blog - Head of Legal - in my sidebar. Unfortunately for Carl Gardner, the site's proprietor and a former advisor to the Blair government, his blog appears to have been remorselessly consumed by an Unseelie Court of malicious digital goblins. With the rolling link through afforded by his inclusion in my feed, I was taken to be a goblin farmer to boot. I've plucked up the grinning villain by the root by deleting my reference to the Gardner blog, seeming to resolve the issue.  My apologies for any irritation or vexation this may have caused anyone. I also wanted to note my sincere appreciation for those of you who were personally kind enough to let me know about the goblinoid glitch. It was a  good and virtuous deed  to take the time.  

And now, back to business, hmm?

1 comment :

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