21 April 2010

Iain ♥ MacWhirter back in business...


The stuffing has fallen out of my will-to-comment over the past few days. Unless there is some fun angle, an  obvious gag or some wider policy morsel to tempt my weak appetite - tyrannical lethargy overcomes me, pouring over the giddy scoosh of words on offer. As I suspected, I'm not too much truck at this election blogging business. Still, the SNP Manifesto has launched. So I'll return and take a concerted look at that a bit later, once I find the time to give it the indicated once-over. So for now, I just wanted to mention a bit of good news that has bugger all to do with the hirpling political squadrons in yellow, blue, red and orange. Oh blessed relief!

In February, popular Herald columnist and Rector of the University of Edinburgh, Iain MacWhirter revealed on his blog that he had fallen prey to the predations of that traditional Scottish ailment - a gummy heart. I'm sure all of the Scottish blogosphere wished him well as he faced his heart-bypass operation and anticipated his return to the bright, interesting and balanced coverage of Scottish affairs. Although it initially sneaked past me, I've been pleased to note that a new column appeared in the Herald on the 11th of April and another on the last Sabbath. I suppose the saving grace of this painful procedure (and I understand equally complex period of recovery) is that Mr MacWhirter must be one of the few members of the media able to produce clear eyewitness testimony to confirm that indeed, he has a heart after all. In any case, it is a welcome return. Perhaps his prose he might succeed in perking up my own slumping election spirits.

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