8 June 2009

Those Scots Euro results in full...

A splendid morning for the Scottish National Party, confirmed by the picturesque announcement of Scotland’s results from atop Mercat Cross in Edinburgh. The occasion could only have been improved by the presence of the Lord Lyon King of Arms and his train, and if possible, a stalking phalanx of the Royal Company of Archers. Alas, the stuffy old queens only don their glad rags for Lizzie Windsor or if they’re practising their marksmanship. So we’ll have to make do without.

Since I was complaining yesterday in the Scottish Roundup about the “other” category which the BBC employs to make obscure the fates of the “minor parties”, and the BBC doesn’t seem to give the full breakdown for Scotland, I’ve totted it up for everyone’s convenience below. Folk proclaiming Christ's lordship, advocating secessionist causes, ardent unionism or greenery can all peruse on the same terms.

Particularly pleased to see that Scotland gave the BNP much shorter shrift than the rest of the United Kingdom has done, particularly our near neighbours in the North of England. Democracy is not an unqualified good. When we elect our representatives or resolve in a resolution, the people can err. This isn't the Rousseauian general will in operation, where those defeated by its expression are simply wrong. Personally, I find it appalling that mainstream politicians are excusing BNP voters for their support of a blunt cadre of sleazy racists. Analysing it away as a 'protest vote' won't do. We are all responsible for our 'x's. One won't defeat the BNP by righteously damning Nick Griffin and his hangers on, while blandly conceding the legitimacy of supporting them with lukewarm reassurances that it is blameless.

As an irate Green pal of mine succinctly put it on the t'inernet last night, "BNP voters ruin the 65th anniversary of DDay by metaphorically pissing on the graves of all who died fighting Nazis". Fierce stuff, but he's right. The voters are culpable for their support, whatever imagined disaffection animates it.

Scottish European Election Results

28.6% Turnout

SNP 321,007 (29.1%)
Labour 229,853 (20.8%)
Conservative 185,794 (16.8%)
Libs 127,038 (11.5%)
Greens 80,442 (7.3%)
UKIP 57,788 (5.2 %)
BNP 27,174 (2.5%)
Socialist Lab 22,135 (2%)
Christian Party 16,738 (1.5%)
SSP 10,404 (0.9%)
Duncan Robertson 10,189 (0.9%)
No2EU 9,693 (0.9%)
Jury Team 6,257 (0.6%)
Total 1,104,512
4490 rejected papers

**Update** Just one small addition. I've discovered at over at the STV website, where the infinitely curious few can explore the results from individual Scottish council areas, by percentage of the vote.


  1. There's a point that I haven't seen picked up anywhere yet - that in contrast to Englandshire, Scotland has voted for parties committed to Europe (with varying degrees of enthusiasm admittedly)

  2. You are right there Richard. As I said to Will last night, the London media are naturally most interested in the Anglocentric BNP MEP and Labour-Party-Gnashing-of-Teeth angles.

    Which is fine. The vast majority of their audience are apt to share that focus of interest. Nevertheless, in the Dimbleby coverage yesterday, I detected a continuing insistence on the "dominating" Westminster narrative, if you like, and not much interest in divergent trends in a Scots context.

    Indeed, they seemed more excited about the Tory gubbing of Labour in Wales than the arguably more incendiary implications of continuing Nationalist progress in Scotland. Particularly for those stitched through with Unionist threads.

    In so doing, they're arguably missing out on an interesting phenomenon.

  3. A quick PS. In today's Financial Times, Philip Stevens has an interesting article on Cameron sleepwalking out of the EU. No mention of the Scottish dimension though - what a surprise.