9 June 2009

The case against an independence referendum...

Jeff over at SNP Tactical Voting made an astute point earlier on this week about the reasoned case against the proposed referendum on Scottish independence worth belabouring a little here. As he points out, the economic argument which was thrust into the field earlier this year relies on the dismal economic situation. By contrast, Labour's general interest runs distinctly contrawise.

While one can entertain reasonable doubts about the reality of green economic sproutings, it is undeniable that any such stirrings will be watched for by shoogly-peg Chancellors and First Lords of the Treasury with earnest anticipation. Westminster Labour obviously covet such growth dearly, to serve as evidence that their policies can generate a fruitful yield. We didn't fluff it, the brass-throated prophets will cry. Such an eye for sap-filled greenery will naturally be expeditious - and will be disposed to rhetorically sublimate the meanest, stumpiest shoot into a firm and fruity stalk. Plausible overestimation is obviously to their benefit.

Alternatively, speaking from the referendum-hostile perch, Labour might well prefer continuing economic aridity, parching the SNP case for an immediate referendum. Obviously, in the circumstances, the former considerations are apt heavily to outweigh the latter, leaving Mr Gray et al. in a weed-strewn siding, forced to pretend it is a glorious garden, and wishing it was a desert...

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