25 March 2009


I see - shock horror - that the verbal tarring and feathering which has been administered to plump-pursed Fred Goodwin has prompted a few economic terrorists to enjoy a small bout of havoc at his Edinburgh home. With our horror for public disorder, expect condemnation.

Nevertheless, as a conscientious representative of the sans-culottes - what devoted follower of Robespierre could be otherwise - my mind turned to this scene from Peter Weiss' play Marat/Sade performed by the splendid and sadly deceased Ian Richardson.

Apposite, methinks.


  1. As a fan of Ian Richardson I thank you for the clip.

  2. From my point of view, the most onerous bit was getting the damn thing to embed neatly.

    To my mind, it is a bit of a wobbly play on the whole, but this Royal Shakespeare company recorded version makes the best of it.