21 March 2009

Baillie on the Batter...

Now, lets be fair. Up front. Disclosing.

I don't approve of tale telling. I don't feel particularly pinched about our tribunes enjoying themselves, but what I observed in Glasgow last night is simply too juicy - and vaguely strange - to pass up reporting.

While cheerfully (and bibulously) toasting the end of term in the West End - I happened to saunter by Queen Margaret's University Union, where the "Cheesy Pop" Night was sweating itself gyratingly towards dawn.

Thinking myself well-acquainted with this type of habitat - and assuming therefore, that I'd be familiar with the animal population which frequented it - imagine my surprise to see a Unionistic pate in the line of emoesque students - discreetly wobbling on its pins, and I daresay, with more than a splash of the drink about the mouth.

Baillie Bill Aitken MSP, some flame-haired damsel in toe - begging admission to the QMU. Hardly marking down the Conservative Justice spokesman as a keen "Cheesy Pop" afficianado - I remonstrated with the tribune, suggesting that this was "hardly the sort of place I imagined Bill Aitken would traditionally frequent."

"I do many surprising things"
quoth the 61 year old disco solicitor, a twinkle in either eye. Good on him.

Imagine my disappointment - if you can - seeing the people's Baillie turned away at the door, his moves unbusted out, snake hips denied the chance to slither. Then again, I gather the QMU have a policy of not admitting the tired or the emotional...


  1. Now that's the kind of gossip I like to hear :) He'll never seem the same to me again.