28 March 2009

Alba's Nashi!

Considering how everyone's favourite bottom-of-the-bottle Scottish Labour MSP - Screaming Lord Foulkes - responded to Scot Rail's innocent Saltire themed design enterprise, imagine what glee he might have had if this headline had read "Salmond Calls for Volunteer Army".

Think of all the happy references he might have made to the Salmond-Jugend, and whatever potato-faced SNP flunky or gormless "kumbaya" social worker was anointed first Reichsjugendführer. Or for more modern resonances, Escotia's "Nashi", Putin's rustic, firm-fetlocked youthful equivalent, which I suspect is simply a fora for horny youths to push their rough hides together, pop the skin of every low-hanging cherry and generally have a jolly, randy old time of it in the sunshine. As well as being vaguely sinister and uniformed. Alas, it was not to be. It is a Labour wheeze. Actually, from spending time with our European chums, I'm aware that this sort of thing - or the hideous prospect of the gloomily servile sentence to National Service - is rather common elsewhere. Indeed, I gather in Israel it is rather traditional to acquire your spouse while under orders.

As if ordered by the benevolent hand of a rational creator, you'll see that transforming the Nashi flag into something more Scottish shouldn't prove terrifically difficult...

1 comment :

  1. Very accurate about the unionists response if it had been the SNP making the suggestion.

    Other European countries have mandatory community service programmes, usually divided between social work of the army. The last thing the British army needs is to have a form of national service reintroduced. Today's army requires well educated and rounded individuals and they don't have enough personnel to train those who don't want to be there.

    Is this an extension of the 60,000 who are being trained in England to spot terrorists?