4 March 2014

The Art of Controversy

Rammy. Barney. Tumult. Boorach. Stramash. Whatever your favourite term of abuse, it was doubtless applicable to last week's ugly exchange between Johann Lamont and Nicola Sturgeon on STV's Scotland Tonight. Who did it damage, and why? Is the failure to sustain an audible, respectful, coherent debate a symptom of Scotland's machine politics? Does it attest to a lack of faith in the interest of discussion, without the boxing-pundit format and commentary? The Big Debate, good or ill: our first topic on episode 41 of the For A' That podcast this week.  

The regulars - Michael Greenwell and yours truly - are joined by BBC journalist turned blogger Derek Bateman, Women for Independence's Carolyn Leckie and blogger William Duguid.  Having despatched with Nicola and Johann, we discuss the corporate interventions of the last week. Another damaging development for the Yes campaign, or an expression of the inevitable risks business face, independence or no? Might these threats and menaces be counter-productive for Better Together, as they try to promote a vision of the Union as a mutually-interested, caring family unit? Can an effective lovebomb be crammed with shrapnel and gunpowder?  

Carolyn also updated us on the Women For independence group's latest activities, including the forthcoming launch of a video and report on the findings of their "listening exercise".  Women remain a key challenging demographic for the Yes campaign. The Group are currently seeking crowdfunding to hire two campaign organisers, print leaflets, advertise - and facilitate meetings and discussions over the last seven months of the campaign.  Lastly, we took a look at the other immensely successful crowdfunding developments over the last seven days, and their curious magic. Sites, films, debates, campaigns, all netting funds to take forward projects and schemes to argue the case for a Yes vote.  But is there a risk that the resources of the independence-supporting community aren't going where they are needed most?

You can download the latest show from Spreaker, iTunes, or listen to it here or on the show's homepage.  You can also find our whole back catalogue there. Plenty of interesting folk, and diverting conversations. It is also the season for renewing our hosting and taking a look at upgrading our equipment as we push towards the 18th of September. We were able to cover all of our podcasting cost last year from your generous donations. If you'd like to pop a penny in the pot to keep us on air, you can do so via Michael's site or using the donate button to your right here.

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