11 February 2014


Michael has been beavering away on new Scottish Independence Podcasts all January.  He's had a parliamentary start to his year, joined by three independence-supporting MSPs, by Scots language champion Billy Kay, Catalan campaigner Anna Arque and by BBC journalist-turned-frumious cybernat, Derek Bateman.  

But in podcasting terms, the peat levels have been significantly depleted in the new year. Today, we're back to form with episode number 40 of the For A' That podcast.  UP for the gab this week, David Cameron's patriotic intervention in the independence debate: passionate master stroke or bungling misstep? Canny strategy or dud scheme? 

We also took a look at last week's decision in Holyrood to legalise same-sex marriage.  A good day for many, but where does it sit in Scottish history? What significance does it have? Has the parliament really carried the people with it? Lastly, we touch in brief on Kenny's little bit of local difficulty with his justice brief, and the corroboration controversy. Can the Cabinet Secretary come out of this unscathed?

You can download the latest show from Spreaker, iTunes, or listen to it here or on the show's homepage.  You can also find our whole back catalogue there. Plenty of interesting folk, and diverting conversations. 

It is also the season for renewing our hosting and taking a look at upgrading our equipment as we push towards the 18th of September. We were able to fund all of our podcasts last year from your generous donations. If you'd like to pop a penny in the pot to keep us on air, you can donate via Michael's site or using the donate button to your right here.

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