14 May 2013

What? What? What?

How many ministers would serve in a "separate" Scottish cabinet? What would they be paid? How much would a first class stamp cost after independence? Those are just a few of the choicer examples of questions which Better Together thinks that independence supporters must answer, and our first topic on this week's edition of the For A' That podcast.  Joining Michael and I on episode number twenty-four, were Doug Daniel, old podcast hand Natalie McGarry, and Ruairidh Waddell.  

In a neat (or fortunate) bit of topicality, we also discussed the emerging Labour campaign for the Union, and Gordon Brown's resurfacing. What impact might a separate Labour campaign have on Better Together, and for that matter, on the campaign for independence? Shifting gear slightly, we also touched on a controversial topic of last week: the conundrum faced by charities in the referendum debate. To end the show, we came back to the topic of Trident nuclear weapons, in a week where Lord Ashcroft revealed that Scots actually "love the bomb".  Er. Or mibbe not.

As usual, you can listen to proceedings right here, or download the episode via spreaker or from iTunes.


  1. This seems relevant to help quantify the uncertainty


  2. It was a lot of fun to do, and I was surprised at how we managed to squeeze so much in with the five of us!

    1. Thanks again for coming on, Doug. Fair rattled through it all, didn't we? Down to the ruthlessness of the chair, I'm sure...