28 May 2013

The shamrock and the thistle?

Why is Ireland missing from the current independence debate? Can the concept of Britishness be effectively co-opted by independence supporters? How can the Scottish Greens contribute to the referendum campaign, and more widely, how can the party pull itself out of its political rut in Scotland?

Just a couple of the issues which came up on this week's edition of the For A' That podcast.  This week we were joined by Peter McColl.  Peter is a Green Party supporter and Rector of the University of Edinburgh.  We also discussed the news that the BBC will be ploughing £5,000,000 into their coverage of the independence debate. Good news, and a way of restoring the flagging fortunes of BBC political programming, or a tricky maneuver for the public broadcasting corporation, committed to promoting the idea of the unity of the British people? We also took a brief look at the outcome of the recent General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, and its recognition of gay clergy.

You can listen to the show right here, snap up our RSS feed, via iTunes or download the show for future consumption.

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