4 November 2012

For A' That, Episode, the Second...

A bit of the quiescent week here from me on the blogging front, but as trailed last Sunday, our new For A' That Scottish political podcast is still going strong, surveying a few of the week's stories, picking up a handful of stray, neglected threads in contemporary Scottish politics - and generally unburdening ourselves about anything pertinent which comes to mind.

As you'll no doubt be relieved to hear, we plan to invite a new guest on every week, so the meliffluous tones of Michael and I don't monopolise the schedule.  We've several splendid folk lined up already, but if there is anybody in the broad thinking and scribbling public which you'd like to hear from, do let us know and we'll try to press-gang them into headphones and skype-chatter them into oblivion. 

This week, Michael and I were joined by Natalie McGarry, who is a founder-member of Women for Independence, episodic blogger, SNP activist in Glasgow and occasional pumpkin/tumshie advocate on STV's Scotland Tonight.  As ever, no doubt attributable as much to life's complexity as it is to our goldfisheque attention span, our wee chat was wide-ranging in compass, touching on Cardinal Keith's "bigot" stramash, Unionist referendum strategy, and the broader theme of contemporary Scotland's relationship with its historical diasporas down south, and across the water in Northern Ireland.  "Billy Connolly syndrome" - a new one on me, but immediately pleasing - also warrants a mention.  Lend your lugs to it here:

Alternatively, you can download the show to digest it later on via iTunes, or directly from here.


  1. Will listen later and I don't know if you are aware of Yes On Air

  2. Nice show. Definite improvement on last week re: sound quality.

    In terms of guests - Derek Ogg would be good.

  3. cynicalHighlander,

    I havne't, but Michael mentioned it when we were recording the podcast the other day. Sounds like an interesting development.


    Thanks. We upgraded to steam-powered microphones, which seem to have done the trick (actually, it's all down to Michael's technical savvy and thankless grind behind the scenes).

    Derek Ogg would indeed be an interesting contributor; will certainly keep him in mind.