27 November 2012

For A' That - Episode 5 - All Aboard!

This week, on the fifth episode of For A' That, Michael and I hazarded our first four-headed panel, inviting both Carolyn Leckie, former SSP MSP and mover and shaker in the emerging Women for Independence movement, and Mike Small of Bella Caledonia onto the show to discuss the latest developments in Scottish politics and the upcoming independence referendum.  

Dominating the schedule this week, Saturday's Radical Independence Conference, which both Mike and I were able to attend.  We chat about what the conference is for, how and how far it might contribute to a win in 2014, what the meaningful next-steps for the 900 souls who gathered in Glasgow and generally answer Michael's burning (rather jealous) questions about the character and content of our big leftie nationalist day out in the slightly improbable surroundings of the Radisson Blu hotel.  We also discussed the curious phenomenon of the left's unity around the independence project and the challenges this might pose for pro-union activism amongst the left-leaning Scottish working class, the Women for Independence's ongoing "listening exercise", the marginalisation of patriarchy and gender in discussions of Scottish politics, and on pan-UK efforts by the Conservative Party to drum up doubloons to save the union by eating their way to referendum victory at lavish party dinners.  As usual, you can lend it your lugs here.

Alternatively, to save the podcast for savouring later, you can download it here, or from iTunes here.  We''ll be back to our normal time this Sunday without another guest or two, and I rather expect we may be discussing devolved aspects of press regulation, in the week that Lord Justice Leveson shall hand down his report, in the wake of the phone-hacking scandal which engulfed British politics earlier this year. 


  1. Good stuff, as usual. Shame about the sound from Mike's mic, though!

  2. Thank you kind sir.

    The Audio Police have been sent to Small mansions.

  3. "Anything you do say will be taken down inaudibly in evidence..."

  4. Enjoyed your blether! I checked out your reference to searchthemoney.com, but could not navigate to the site mentioned. When I put in Conservative Friends of The Union all I got was a picture of David Davis, but no info on CFoU. What am I doing wrong?
    Knowing how to use these sites is half the problem!

  5. Ta David,. Glad you enjoyed it. Yon site was a reference from Michael rather than I, but my understanding is that the event we were talking about hasn't taken place yet, so any donations it generations wouldn't be up their anyway. It also isn't clear to me who the intended beneficiary (in a legal sense) of funds raised would be. I doubt yon site, focussing on the Tory party, would extend, for example, to the Better Together campaign.