14 June 2010

Away with the fairies...

I knew I should have planted more Rowan trees in my garden. At any rate, on account on my lax warding of my dwelling-house, it has become infested with brownies, spriggans, pookas, sprites - vexatious spry fey creatures of all colours - who have determined to drag me off to their great circular dance on dew-speckled lawns, under the moon and sky. Being law-abiding creatures, I'm sure they'll honour their agreement to set me loose in seven days time. Until then, however, I'll be flailing about to the eldritch strain of their lily fiddles and the flatulent hoots of pipe reeds. No time, alas, to be spared rattling out a blog or two. The crux of the matter is this. Don't expect to hear another peep out of me here for the next week.

P.S. Before yielding entirely to Puckish frivolities, I feel I should mention Reform Scotland's freshly published Power to Learn report  which, amongst other things, "argues that university graduates should contribute towards the cost of their higher education as a deferred fee to be paid once they earn more than the average Scottish salary." No time for a critique of this, but the whole document can be consulted here.


  1. Looks like my locals quiz team(That's me in the middle)

  2. Handsome crew you must cut too, Conan!

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