25 September 2009

National intelligence & the invasion of England...

Fear not, I’m not forming a small, irregular militia with grandiose territory-annexing aims or questioning the mental acuity of our southerly neighbours along misplaced, racialising lines.

Rather, I must report that this is the last of my learned opinion on this blog which will be hammered out in the nipping, eager Scottish air. At least for the foreseeable future. This weekend, I’m upping sticks, stowing canvass and rumbling my wagon south to embark on another phase of scholarly labour, based en Angleterre. While bodily ex patria, the wonders of the technological world and its capacity to collapse conceptual space means that the information streams which keep me informed will continue to the babble in the same tenor, largely uninterrupted by my move. Along the same lines as I presume the inimitable J. Arthur MacNumpty gets by, I’ll still receive national intelligence in dispatches and continue to hoot and guffaw in response. Obviously, I’ll be without the blood-and-bones proximity to events – so I’ll be relying on you lot to keep me in order and furnished with a sense of the public mood which an electronic Herald cannot convey.

While my carts are trundling through tidy English villages and mowing down careful English vicars, there’ll be a wholesale bloggus interuptus here. Hopefully I’ll revivify soonish! Wish me luck!


  1. LPW
    Hope to see more blog missives from you before too long.
    Good luck with the move.
    I have been down here for quite some time. The locals are mostly friendly - helps if you marry a local lass.
    The UK state apparatus is still firmly in place so you should feel right at home.


  2. Good luck lallands.

    Hope to see more exquisite posting soon enough

  3. Good luck young man. Remember the air becomes less fresh the nearer you go to the equator.

  4. Fare thee weel old bean. I anticipate some sterling lucubration when you are settled and ready for social intercourse...

  5. Can all the readers of this site make an attempt to sign the "Saltire Flag" and "Wallace Letter of safe conduct" petition on the Scottish Paliaments e-petition site?

    Tell the world!