1 July 2014

Yes: a silk fist in a silk glove?

Is it all too nice? Ought the Yes campaign to trade in its kid gloves and toughen up its knuckles? Or should we stick with by the principle of softly-softly catchee monkey? That was our first talking point on episode 45 of the For A' That podcast.  To discuss it, we were rejoined by Pat Kane, and making her debut on the pod, by Michelle Thomson of Business for Scotland. 

Is tone a problem? Does what Pat calls the "cybernat meme" something pro-independence sorts should be cautious about? Or alternatively, are we letting Better Together away with too much? We also had a chinwag about The Great Debate between Salmond and ... whoever. Will it really make a significant different to how folk vote? And is big Al Darling the fellow to land and gut the FM in argument?

As usual, you can listen to the show here, or on iTunes, or download it to your device of choice for later consumption. There are also plenty of other tracks which you can take a listen to through over at the show's homepage, including Michael's ScotIndyPod interviews with a range of interesting characters, sharing their thoughts and evolving sentiments on Scotland's constitutional future. Michael's latest guest was Yes campaigner Gillian Martin.  Happy listening. 


  1. Genuinely quite curious about what "sexualised vocabulary" is...

  2. Michelle is a superb asset to the yes campaign

    1. And not just taking to the airwaves, but to our television screens too, I understand, with an appearance on the BBC's Scotland 2014 last night...

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