13 May 2014

For A' That 43 | Tricky Business

Plenty of mischief afoot in the independence campaign. We took a look back over some of the events of the past week or two on episode number 43 of the For A' That podcast this weekend.  

A couple of returning guests joined the regulars: Ivan McKee of independence-supporting  Business for Scotland and Zambian aid worker, Ruaridh Waddell. Up for the gab, "common plan" challenges for organisations supporting a Yes vote: how are organisations like Business for Scotland, National Collective et al going to cope with the fairly strict funding rules set out in the referendum legislation? How can Yes Scotland avoid its budgets getting cannibalised by their excitable and active allies and fellow travellers?

After a thoroughly incompetent series of marches and countermarches, sallies and defences, the Confederation of British Industry finally managed to wrangle its way out of its registration with the Electoral Commission as a No supporting body, by arguing that the forms had been submitted by an unauthorised person. Although they're no longer "permitted participants", able to spend £150,000 in the last sixteen weeks of the campaign, what are the implications of the episode for the organisation's future participation in the constitutional debate?

We also talked about the Sunday Herald's big Yes splash - your unreliable pension - and Better Together's ongoing "bag of ferrets" campaign strategy. Lend the show your lugs here.

As usual, you can listen to the show here, or on iTunes, or download it to your device of choice for later consumption. There are also plenty of other tracks which you can take a listen to through over at the show's homepage, including Michael's ScotIndyPod interviews with a range of interesting characters, sharing their thoughts and evolving sentiments on Scotland's constitutional future. Michael's latest guest was Ash Regan-Denham of the Reid Foundation and Women for Independence.  Happy listening.


  1. Random card chosen or do you actually play Citadels?

    Also nice to see For A' That back. I've missed it a lot.

    1. A coincidence! The commercial gleam just seemed apt, given the discussion of the CBI in the pod. Glad you;re glad to see it back. We've been a wee bit tied up with other things recently, as is the way.