5 August 2013

Podcasting Sine Peat

I was conspicuous by my absence on this week's episode of the For A' That podcast.  Deprived of my dulcet tones (I was putting in a last-minute audition to oust that cad Capaldi be the next Doctor Who), Michael was joined by Women for Independence supporter and former SSP MSP, Carolyn Leckie, and the journalist Jamie Maxwell.

Up for the natter this week, the Labour for Independence stooshie and the Eckly appearance on Russia Today.  Michael, Carolyn and Jamie also dusted off their crystal balls, peering beyond 2014, asking: what sort of democracy might and should Scotland work towards after a Yes vote?

Should, as some folk have suggested, be further referendums to determine the fate of the House of Windsor, and whether Her Madge keeps her phizog on our coins? 

Should Holyrood be supplemented by a second, revising House of Parliament, in echo of the House of Lords, or ought an independent Scotland to be satisfied with a unicameral legislature, like Denmark, Israel - and imminently, perhaps - like Ireland? Discussion also turned to a recent piece by Jamie in the New Statesman, contending that the tone of the BetterTogether campaign is not just destructive to YesScotland, but is damaging as such, whatever the result in the autumn of 2014.

Lastly, Michael has a new wheeze: 60 Seconds for a New Scotland, inviting minute-ish-long contributions from all and sundry, serious or humorous, identifying one thing which you think will, would or could be done better in an independent Scotland.  If you would like to add your voice to the project, follow the links.

You can listen to the podcast here, download it for listening anon, or look it up via iTunes.

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