1 July 2013

Hume's nipple

Is and ought reason to be the slave of the passions? A sentimental seam runs through this weekend's edition of the For A' That podcast.  

Up for discussion on episode 29, the role of emotion in politics. Should we trust our feelings, hold them suspect, or try to balance their influence upon us? Does passion add anything to political convictions, or the ethics of political programmes and ideas?

Last week, several emotive topics where also resolved in Holyrood. The SNP government introduced its same-sex marriage Bill, while the parliament took its final vote on who will, and who won't, be able to vote in the independence referendum in 2014. We blethered about both. We also considered Johann Lamont's latest reshuffle. "Shuffling the dreck", as some commentators have styled it, or a potentially more interesting rearrangement of the Scottish leader's hand?

You can download episode twenty nine via Spreaker, via iTunes, or fire up our RSS feed to ensure you don't miss an episode.  You can also press the play button below, recline, and lend it your lugs.

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