11 March 2011

Sheridan Trial blog nominated for Scottish Press Award...

During the case of H.M. Advocate v. Tommy Sheridan, I dare say a good many of you were either devotees or at least occasional visitors to James Doleman's comprehensive, fair-minded coverage of proceedings in his Sheridan Trial blog. Shortly after the verdict, Kenneth Roy penned this richly merited encomium in the Scottish Review. I was surprised and delighted belatedly to discover this morning that James has been shortlisted for a Scottish Press Award, in the category of "new media journalist of the year". It is, I understand, a new category of gong. If the 2009 list is anything to go by, the passage of time has paradoxically transformed "multimedia" into "new media". That being so, it is pleasing to see a blogger's efforts recognised. Particularly so, given a Scottish press which has often seemed suspicious, paranoid - and at times, even out-rightly hostile towards - the blogosphere's democratic amateurism (cf per Robert Burns). James will be jousting with the following competition:

Deborah Anderson The Evening Times
John Dingwall Daily Record
James Doleman Sheridan Trial Blog
Jasper Hamill The Herald/ Evening Times
Beverley Lyons Daily Record

I'm sure many of us in the Scottish blogging community wish James well. Even if he does not triumph  when the results are announced on the 22nd of April - I do hope that he enjoys a slap up dinner with plenty of refreshment for his troubles.


  1. I thought I'd give your trumpet a wee blow for you!

  2. Like the picture as well, nice likeness.

  3. There's an article about the blog about to be published in the "Scots Law Times"

  4. I thought so too, James. A dead spit!

  5. Thanks for the reminder. Will keep an eye out for the piece, Voice of Reason.

  6. Well done to James, but I take it that for us humbler bloggers the Scotblog awards won't be getting a second airing?

  7. Stuart,

    As you know I help out a bit behind the scenes of the Scottish Roundup. We've briefly discussed organising another round of the Scotblog Awards. Perhaps it is time for a more serious discussion. The difficulty, predictably enough, is finding the time to juggle jobs and the work involved coordinating such a venture - but never say never!

  8. Ah, yes, reminds me of the time I did the Roundup, when I was working all weekend anyway. And I had to do two roundups because it was an election week.

    Hence that was my one and only attempt!

    But thanks for the info. I'd forgotten you were involved in the Roundup and was just wondering if anyone had heard anything.

    I had half an idea about a politics-only awards if the Scotblogs weren't to happen again, but in view of what you say there's hope for a sophomore Scotblogs yet!!