9 September 2010

Wanted: Scottish rounduppers...

I'm sure you're all familiar with the worthy collective venture that is the weekly Scottish Roundup.  In the best spirit of civic nationalism, the roundup gives Scottishness its widest possible definition. When it is working at its best, weekly guest editors collate suggestions from the blog-reading public, make their own choices and often highlight a missed essay, a neglected site  and otherwise contribute to the inter-connectedness of the Scottish blogging world.  These seems to be excellent things, devoutly to be wished and encouraged.

Recently, a few of us have ganged up to relieve Duncan of the perpetual burdens of administration. To whit, this month it is my turn to play officious servitor*. Of late we've not been fostering as polyphonous a range of on-weekly authors as I'd like to see, so consider this an earnest call to arms. Or at least, some other less martial metaphor that nevertheless communicates a sincere invitation to participate. Have you previously edited a roundup and fancy doing it again? Do please let me know and we'll line you up. You may be a long-time reader, but don't maintain a blog yourself. Please don't let that dissuade you. Perhaps you are rattling away at a new (or old) blog and want to shamelessly plug your own prose to a potentially broader audience. Editing an weekly edition is an obvious way of doing so. Still not convinced? One last civic-minded argument then, to sway the waverers. Its obvious enough, but the project's ongoing survival is entirely reliant on the good offices of volunteer writers and composers. We could use the assistance.

If you'd like to volunteer or ask about what specifically would be involved, do just pop me an e-mail at  ~ lallandspeatworrier@gmail.com.  

* P.S. If this month doesn't suit, do nevertheless let me know and we can line you up later in the year. 

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