24 August 2010

An experiment...

Fear not. I'm not on the digital path to social media enlightenment. Assuming the milk of my human kindliness doesn't curdle, you won't find me sitting cross-legged under a gigantic computer processor any time soon, iPad clutched reverentially in one claw, blackberry in the other, declaiming wise sayings about synergistic consumer-lead marketing initiatives. However, just the shortest of short posts to bring it to your attention that I've now added this Facebook button at the bottom of the page ~

I know some folk find that medium particularly useful and there seemed no harm in a wee experiment with it. We'll see how it goes. If it proves useful, I'll retain it. All together now! ~Aummmmm~


  1. Do tell why you have an aversion to iPads? ;)

    I have a Facebook page but I truthfully don't understand the system. That said I occasionally come across some intriguing information. Purely by default I may add.

  2. Ha! It is not the innocent instruments so much as the social media guru him or herself that I find rather tedious. An argument in parallel with those Americans fond of their guns, exculpating the weapon after some bloody incident: iPads don't bore people, their owners do!

    I'm not a huge facebook enthusiast myself, but I thought that having something there couldn't really detract. Indeed, twitter turned out to be quite an useful and interesting addition.