15 March 2010

Michael Russell, the Learned Viking...

For those of you mustard keen on the Cabinet Secretary for Education, one Michael Russell MSP, I thought I ought to bring it to your attention that the Minister is blogging his fact-finding trip to Finland and Sweden from the 14th to the 17th, here. On the nature his mission in those chilly northern climes, I quote:

"The visits in Helsinki and Stockholm are focussed on issues around school options and governance, plus parental choices and involvement in these areas. Mr Russell is also likely to be discussing evaluation and accountability of schools and current upper-secondary school reforms, particularly in assessment and vocational learning, with his counterparts in Finland and Sweden."

No doubt the opposition will be paying attention, in case in a loose moment, he turns all "cybernat" and accidentally says something interesting. That said, at least unlike many of his Scottish Labour predecessors, Russell can actually formulate complete sentences unassisted, so it may be worth a wee look.


  1. And his blipfoto blog is here http://www.blipfoto.com/view.php?id=504238

  2. Picturesque! Thanks for the reference, bigrab.