25 January 2010

Views from the vomitorium...

Urk. A bilious lurgy as claimed me and my guts are in a sorry state. You’ll forgive me, therefore, if I don’t spend much time squinting at the computer screen this morning, constricted by nausea. Regular readers may recall a while back that I discussed the new UK Supreme Court, its political carpet – and its new Unionist steer. At the end of that semiotic journey through a contemporary re-imagining of British constitutional institutions, I referred to a report that was being compiled by the University of Edinburgh’s Professor Neil Walker. His Final Appellate Jurisdiction in the Scottish Legal System report was finally published on the 22nd of January and contains much to satisfy neither legal nationalists, nor those with a fudging political Unionism in mind. Although I’m not sufficiently chipper to compose my thoughts, over at the UK Supreme Court blog (Yes indeed, there is such a thing. How a la mode has the judicial pillar of our state become!) Scots QC Aidan O’Neill (of late referenced on the ongoing asbestos Act litigation) discusses some of the constitutional and political ambivalences implicated in the document. Hopefully I’ll reclaim ownership over my gastric tract imminently.

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