26 November 2009

Tories on Human Rights again...

I’ve discussed some Tory positioning on the Human Rights Act previously, both outrageously misleading and more considered. As (potential) Tory government inches towards plausible imminence, those of us with an interest in these matters should attend closely to the messages emanating from the blue bowels of Conservative would-be ministers and cronies. In this context, I notice that Michael Howard has been blogging over at the Tory Blue Blog on the proposal to replace the jurisprudence of the European Convention with a "British Bill of Rights". Although I don't have the time this morning for a thoroughgoing rummage through Howard's position, I intend to revisit it a bit later this week. Do take a look if you are curious.

1 comment :

  1. The Tories position appears to be the very definition of confusion, inspired by their previous pandering to the right wing media objections to the ECHR on fatuous grounds.

    Why do the Tories believe they can formulate something better than the ECHR? - a near perfact document, in my opinion. Arrogant hubris I fear...