14 August 2009

Foxy Hannan...

The staged American "Town Hall", hometown and schmaltzy, seems a dangerous place these days. Added to the perennial threat of some apple-pie opinings from the ordinary and the good, apparently novel notions of health care are causing mystic fits, lachrymose benedictions for the "America they grew up in" and the institution of splendidly inventive public "death panels" to weed out the Stephen Hawkings of the States.

Wur ain National Health Service is getting slagged off something awful by a select section of the liberty-luvin' descendants of the Minutemen. Godwin's Law is being wilfully flouted everywhere. Just to stir a fly into this already bubbling ointment, joint first prize winner in the Fox Egregious Shallowpate in Opinioncasting Award, Glenn Beck, has had wee Dan Hannan MEP on.

Not to show favouritism, dear Hannie also trod over to the other winner of the premier award in flatheaded broadcasting fiction, Sean Hannity, to share his sage reflections on a serious subject.

For excoriating denunciations, I cannot best the splendidly scatological, Laurel and Hardy citing essay on the subject by an Airborne Rodent. Do please take a peek.

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