8 July 2009

A peaty century!

Just a short post (for once...) to belatedly celebrate my first century of posts on his blog. I'm pleased that the place of honour was given over to H.M. Advocate v. Megrahi and the Lockerbie Case. Its a serious subject - one which should vex the ethics and attract the attention of all Scots. Its just the kind of issue which I hoped I might be able to say a little something about, when I made my first tentative posts here at the end of January.

I confess, when I was starting out I was unsure whether the peaty layer would prove rich enough, or my own enthusiasm and creativity would withstand the pressures. While it should be pretty plain that I don't find waxing lyrical (and interminable) particularly difficult - I appreciate those of you who've taken the time to make comments or read my often wending and wayweary postings. Its been a useful - and cathartic - learning process.

I'm also pleased to say that the number of readers has expanded somewhat during these germinal stages, with June being our busiest month so far, by far. So here is to the century! I've sure I've enough puff for a few more...

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