13 May 2009

Hannity contra Obama: The Mustard War

If anyone feels that their pulse is overly languid, or that the pressure roaring through their tubes is insufficient, just charge up Youtube, and type in “Ann Coulter”, “Bill O’Reilly” or my personal favourite, “Sean Hannity. A hard and wiry pulse is almost assured. For anyone who has never actually witnessed Fox News in motion, it is by turns a brutalising and hilarious experience. One not to be missed.

The race to the bottom – and the award for Most Loathsome Fox News Contributor – is obviously a vexed decision. There is such an embarrassment of riches. For myself, Sean Hannity’s schmaltzy, self-regarding stupidity wins by a furlong. I enjoyed, in particular, this showing of gloating class hatred, and conscientious American Patriotic “littleguyery”:

The most curious and painful discovery of the clip, however, is its demonstration of the fate to which retirement habitually consigns clapped-out Prime Ministers. I'd expect a resort to advertising from Jim Hacker, but I’ll never be able to take Francis Urquhart quite so seriously again...

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  1. Aye and hold your breath for what Rupert Murdoch wants if he succeeds in destroying the BBC. He's on record as wanting to convert Sky to the standards of Fox.