3 November 2014

From beyond the grave...

Pack up your ghouls and your bogles, your Angry Salmond costumes and your terrifying Jim Murphy masks: Halloween, it is passed - but something else stirs from beyond the grave. It took its last breath at the end of June 2014 - but after being buried in the #indyref interregnum - the For A' That podcast is back on its feet and clawing through the clod, crying "brains, brains." 

For episode 46, I joined Michael Greenwell - as ever - and a brace of frumious Aberdonian cybernats in Gillian Martin and Doug Daniel - to chew the grey matter and and ponder the post-indyref zombie apocalypse, more than a month on from the fateful day, under its low sky

On today's menu, the surge in memberships of independence supporting parties: what does it presage? Is a Yes Alliance, a dominating part of the SNP deputy leadership pitches, a viable, desirable or effective political strategy? And which of the three candidates - Constance, Hosie or Brown - is to be preferred? Do we want a balanced ticket? Would it be helpful, in the coming conflict to have a Westminster-based deputy? Or would it send a powerful and desirable message to have two women leading the SNP? 

Over on the red benches, what are we to make of the tribal conflict in Scottish Labour, and which of the three would-be chieftains will drub their opponents and come out on top? And is Murphy really the credible, winning figure much of the press has painted him out to be? You can lend the show your lugs here.

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  1. I read a comment somewhere that the person putting forth the idea that Murphy was a Trojan horse type of candidate.The general population,will be able to see that in Scotland ,Scottish Labour is in charge and they are not a branch of London Labour.It goes like this when Murphy fails to get the leadership of "Scottish Labour" it shows that they wont accept an appointee from Milliband of London Labour and they have the autonomy to pick their own candidate.Which left the why should Labour in Scotland have autonomy when Scotland with "Scottish Labour in here cant have autonomy?

  2. Of course "Scottish Labour" will accept the Milliband appointee. That's what it does, and what it is there for. Its sole function is to disseminate Westminster Labour party commands and policy to the Red Tory electorate. Johann Lamont? Ian Grey, George Brown, Alasdair Darling? ANY of the Labour party MPs or MSPs since devolution?