26 November 2013

Crystal balls

For episode 38 of the For A' That podcast, we were joined in our plush broadcasting suite by Ivan McKee of Business for Scotland, and again by swithering Juliet Swann, who hasn't decided how to etch in her independence referendum ballot, yea or nay.  

On the agenda this week, last week's Institute for Fiscal Studies report on the pocketbook of an independent Scotland: would Scotland be jiggered? Ivan takes us through its claims.  The blether broadens out into a wider reflection on what is becoming a key referendum campaign theme: certainty and uncertainty. But can we ever really be sure what the future holds?

We also discussed last week's historic vote on same-sex marriage in the Scottish Parliament. But does our political history really tell a tale of Scottish liberalism in this field? And how has this quiet revolution in social attitudes happened?

You can listen to the show right here or on its homepage, or tuck it away for later by downloading it from Spreaker or from iTunes.  Happy listening.

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