1 September 2013

Danegeld refunds

On episode thirty-three of the For A' That podcast, the much-mooted Nordic horizons of the Scottish independence debate hoved into a fuller, more human view.  Our guest this week was Thomas Widmann. Thomas runs the Arc of Prosperity blog, and is a Danish-born Yes campaigner who has settled down here in Scotland, survey the constitutional debate. 

After our wee week off, we kicked off For A' That briefly with a few of the engulfing mischiefs of the past fortnight, touching on the Anglophobic vision of Scottish nationalism proffered by Andrew Marr at the Edinburgh Book Festival, and had a word on recent criticisms of YesScotland's activities.  

We also briefly discussed the ongoing Bill Walker saga. The good news is, it seems that Friday's blogpost may have hit the right mark, and Holyrood authorities are now looking into the possibility of depriving Walker of his wages, if he is imprisoned.

That conversation enlarged into a broader discussion of Stephen Noon's core motto about the positivity of the case for independence. Is there not an unavoidable kernel of negativity, necessarily underlining any criticism of the constitutional status quo, and justifying the Scottish nationalist movement's activities? 

We also asked the question, who are undecided voters in the independence referendum? We seem, in the debate, to have a clear character for the undecided voter in mind.  But is this construction really convincing? Lastly, we took a minute or two to discuss the phenomenon of the "unpolitical artist", and the blast of superheated steam musician James MacMillan recently shot National Collective's way. Michael offered up an apposite quotation, which neatly summed up our feelings.

Listen here, download the show via Spreaker or your iTunes. You can also sign-up for our RSS feed, to ensure no episode will ever run astray.  By the by, elsewhere, on his ScotIndyPods, Michael was joined this week by YesScotland's Stephen Noon. You can listen to Stephen's positive message for independence here.

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