15 January 2010

Devolution's impact on low-income people...

Nothing cries weekend like a fat piece of social research. In case anyone missed it, I wanted to reference the Joseph Rowntree Foundation's fresh-minted report on the ever-topical question, What has been devolution's impact for people and places in poverty? Published on the 13th of January, the research was conducted by Jim McCormick and Anne Harrop. Anticipatory media outlets ran with headlines, claiming that the document indicates that Scotland is the most affluent country in the UK. One of the authors of the report gives a brief précis of what this 'affluence' amounts to, and what it might suggest for the future. The whole raft of materials and the report itself can be consulted on the foundation's website, here. I've not had the chance to digest the full document myself yet. Hopefully, however, I might have something of interest to say about it by the end of the week.

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