15 April 2009

Sprucing up!

After picking out the general style, I thought it was time for a small revisit some several months into this blogging mischief. Fancied a wee picture as the cherry atop the page (or the crowning turd, delete as you find appropriate).

I also added a little more information about myself to the sidebar, deleted a deleterious and unjustified third-personism - as well as providing something of an explanation of what I mean by "peat worrying" .


  1. I insist you give me the name of your interior designer. May I thank you for the explanation of peat worriers. Of course Dundonians would never worry peat, we're not in the central belt as such.

  2. Oh I don't know subrosa. I'm sure you've got a brace of like minded coves and covesses up your way. Although I must admit, the patron saint of the movement must be Tom Weir, who was a west of Scotland gentleman himself.